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When my friend got married last year, she decided to make all the flower arrangements herself – a daunting task. Luckily LA has an enormous and flourishing flower market in downtown. With the help of family, she created beautiful arrangements for her wedding day and inspired me to do the same for my wedding.

My mom signed us up for a modern floral arranging workshop at The Little Branch so she and I could get inspired and learn some tricks of the trade. The workshop was exactly what we needed – and made for a lovely Sunday afternoon. Annie and Meg were so fun and such great teachers.


We started by sipping on mimosas – of course – and securing the succulent in the floral foam at a focal point for box. Then we trimmed the leaves off of the other flowers (carnations, roses, tulips, ranunculas, anemones).


Next, we used the more resilient flowers – carnations and roses – to cover the floral foam along the edges of the box. We worked across the diagonal to create a high point that flowed down over the edge of the box with the other flowers.


Et, voila! A modern floral arrangement.

A few months later we used our new skills to create our own arrangements, bouquets, and boutonniers for my wedding

2 thoughts on “weddings: florals

  1. That is awesome I didn’t know they offered classes for that! I must take one, for I too am making flowered boutonnieres for a friends wedding! Thanks for the tip,

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